At Northside Dental Solutions, we believe that dentistry in the future should be different to that of the past. We believe that every adult and child should have access to dental services in Australia. We also believe that the steps you take to achieve dental health as a child can make or break the future of your health. We believe in proper education for all kids so that they can develop good habits and retain them for life. A collaborative approach between families and health practitioners is needed to ensure our children grown up with healthy, strong teeth.

We provide a full range of children’s dental services, from preventive education to fillings and orthodontic extractions. Children are not little adults; they have their own set of teeth with their own set of diseases. We are trained in paediatric dentistry and can treat children, including those with dental diseases, using the Northside Dental Solutions methods of pain-free, non-judgmental dentistry.

We like to help kids and parents develop healthy dental habits with six-monthly examinations and cleans. This ensures that kids are coming to the dentist BEFORE a toothache strikes.

We appreciate that raising a child can be time consuming and expensive. We want to give you the best possible chance to keep your child's teeth strong and healthy by making life a little bit easier. We are privileged to offer bulk billing dentistry for children through Medicare’s Children’s Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) for eligible children.


Historically, children used to see the school dentist. Although they were good dentists, they were often underfunded or understaffed, and children could only visit once every few years when the van rolled around to the schools. Since 2014, we have been lucky enough to have access to the Children’s Dental Benefits Scheme or CDBS. This scheme offers eligible children $1000 over two years to spend at the dentist. The CDBS covers all common dental services, such as checkups, X-rays, cleans, fillings, preventive fissure sealants and extractions.


The Department of Human Services assesses the eligibility of your children. If you are receiving an Australian Government payment, such as Family Tax Benefit Part A or B, or other benefit payments, your children may be eligible for care under the CDBS. You can check for eligibility by calling the Department of Human Services or calling us. You will need to have your Medicare card handy.

Bulk Billing

We bulk bill all children eligible for CDBS to keep the cost of children’s dental care affordable. There will be no out of pocket amount, as long as the $1000 limit isn’t reached. We are provided with a schedule of fees by Medicare that we follow when claiming children’s dental services. If you go over the $1000 limit, we will give you a complete cost estimate before commencing any work. The fees for this extra treatment will be the same as those set out in Medicare's Fee Schedule.

If your child isn’t eligible for the CDBS, we still offer our complete range of dental services, but at a discounted children’s rate, to make it fair for all. Our price list is below. If you have a health fund, they will cover part or all of the fees. We also offer our interest-free payment plan for children if they require extensive work.


Consultations are only $85 or gap-free with your health fund.
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