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We underestimate the value of a smile. It not only boosts the mood of the people around us, but it also boosts our inner self-worth. Often stained or dark teeth can leave you embarrassed and prevent you from smiling. Stains on teeth from red wine, tea, coffee or smoking can be simply removed with regular professional cleaning using specialised instruments and pastes. For more stubborn stains or yellow, dark teeth, teeth whitening can be the perfect solution.

We offer two types of tooth whiting solutions: take home tooth whitening trays and in-office power whitening. Both solutions are safe, effective and affordable. None of our products will strip your teeth of their enamel or cause any damage.

Whitening is suitable for most people, but can be detrimental in mouths with tooth decay, lots of fillings or gum disease. A thorough examination will need to be carried out before you have your teeth whitened to ensure the safe delivery of your whitening products.

Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit - $390

Our Opalescence Home Whitening Solution is our most popular whitening product. Flexible, custom made trays are filled with whitening gel and used for one hour each day for between 2 and 4 weeks. This option is much gentler and more comfortable than In-Office Whitening as the result is achieved more gradually. A mould is initially taken of your teeth and used to make custom-fit flexible whitening trays. This is important to ensure that the whitening sits on the correct parts of your teeth and to prevent saliva from entering the tray (saliva deactivates the gel). You take the trays home with more than enough gel to use over the treatment period, enabling you to maintain the results for months to come. The trays are worn for one hour each day for up to two weeks depending upon the colour change required. Extra gel can be purchased from the practice in the future at cost price to top up the results from time to time.

In-Office Tooth Whitening (and complimentary take home teeth whitening Kit) - $650

Opalescence Boost is used in our clinic to whiten your teeth quickly and effectively. It is a one-hour procedure and results in an immediately whiter smile. As this method of whitening is faster than the take home method, the teeth may become a little more sensitive for the first few days following treatment. We also make custom-fit take home whitening trays and issue you with enough gel to ensure good results. These trays should be worn for one hour each day for two weeks after the in-office whitening procedure. A combination of the two methods is the most effective way to whiten your teeth.

Prior to any whitening and in accordance with the Dental Board of Australia, we require a complete examination of your teeth to ensure the safe and effective delivery of our whitening products.

We offer interest-free payment plans to help spread the cost of your whitening treatment.


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